boiled chickpeas with tahina, lemon and olive oil


grilled aubergine with tahina, lemon and olive oil

Batenjan Raheb

grilled aubergine, tomato, green pepper with lemon and olive oil

Warak Enab

rice, tomato, onion, parsley with olive oil wrapped in vine leaves

Shmandar Tartar

finely chopped beetroot, cucumber with dijon mustard, lemon and olive oil

Batata bil Habak

mashed potato with garlic, basil, lemon and olive oil


Ground homemade red pepper with bread crumbs and walnuts.


dandelion leaves, onion, garlic, olive oil and lemon juice.

Hommus with Pinenuts

Hommus with butter and pinenuts

Hommos with Meat & Pinenuts

chikpeas with tahina, lamb meat, butter & pine nuts

Chicken Liver with Pomegranate

chicken liver, garlic & lemon with pomegranate sauce

Rakakat Jebneh

cheese with herbs wrapped in filo pastry, deep fried

Batata Harra

diced potatoes sauteed with garlic, coriander and spices

Batenjan & Arnabeet Mikli

eggplant and cauliflower seasoned in butter and deep fried


grilled loaf with minced lamb meat & vegetable


Fish Shawarma

sautéed fresh fish marinated in shawarma spices

Shrimp Fatteh

fried eggplant and croutons topped with sautéed shrimps and yoghurt

Cured Seabass Marina

cured seabass fillets marinated in home dressing

YellowFin Kibbeh Nayeh

tuna, harissa wheat & garlic

Sultan Ceviche

sultain ibrahim, lime, garlic & cherry tomato salad

Fried Calamari

squid with seasoned batter, deep fried

Squid Provencal

squid sauteed with garlic, corriander and lemon

Shrimp Provencal

shrimps sauteed with garlic, coriander and lemon

Shrimp Fekhara

oven baked shrimp with tomato, green and red peppers topped with cheese

Tuna Tartare

dehydrated cherries, avocado & lime

Octopus Provencal

octopus sauteed with garlic, coriander and lemon

Rakakat El Bahr

combination seafood wrapped in filo pastry, deep fried

Kebbe Samak

minced fish and wheat filled with seasoned fish, onions, fried and served with saffron sauce

Samkeh Harra

fish with tahina sauce, tomato, hot green pepper, onion and coriander

Prawn Cocktail

King prawns, tamarind sauce & crisp iceberg

Smoked Salmon

organic smoked salmon with arugula vinaigrette, capers, dill

House Fried Bait

cumin scented bizri & lemon zattar dressing


Lentil Soup

lentil, onion, carrot, potato and spices pureed in stock

Lobster Bisque Soup

lobster stock, garlic, celery, shallots, tomato, cream

Seafood Almond Soup

shrimp, squid, almonds, celery, shallots, cream in homemade stock


mixed herbs, cucumber, tomatoes, onions, baked bread with pomegranate dressing


parsley, crushed wheat, tomatoes, onions with lemon and olive oil

Rocca w Zaatar

rocket leaves, thyme, onions with home dressing

Salata Harra

finely chopped tomato, onions, green chilli, herbs with lemon and olive oil

Shrimp Caesar Salad

lettuce with caesar dressing, croutons and grilled shrimps

Crab Salad

marinated fresh crab meat with lemon dressing on a bed of mixed greens


spiced grilled calamari with spring mixed leaves, lemon and olive oil


Seafood Market Display (price per kilo)

select from the fresh market display your choice of fish and shellfish. get it cooked the way you like and served with your favorite sauces.

Samak Bil Meleh; (price by kilo)

fish from the ice display oven baked in rock salt; please allow 30 mins cooking time

Thermidor Lobster or Shrimps

shellfish from the ice display cooked in a creamy mushroom sauce and topped with cheese

Siyedeyet Samak

boneless fish with rice, onion, lemon, spices and almond served with tahina sauce

Copper Baked Biryani

royal hammour, basmati, saffron & mint

Shish Samak

grilled skewer of hamour fillet cubes with green peppers, zucchini and eggplant

Grilled Fish Fillet

marinated fish fillet, grilled and served with vegetables and fries

Fish & Chips

deep fried fish fillet in seasoned batter served with fries

Linguini Frutti de mare

pasta tossed in tomato sauce with mixed seafood and fresh basil


Mixed Grill Tawouk

kabab, filled kabab, shish tawouk with fries & garlic

Fillet Kabab

fillet mignon cubes on skewer with green peppers, zucchini and eggplant; served with saffron rice

Shish Tawouk

marinated chicken breast cubes, grilled and served with fries and garlic sauce


minced lamb meat, onion, parsley & flavors

Tenderloin Mushroom Steak

usda Angus Beef tenderloin served with fries, and mushroom sauce

Tenderloin Pepper Steak

usda Angus beef tenderloin served with fries, and pepper sauce

Half Grilled Thyme Chicken

half boneless chicken chargrilled with thyme marinade served with fries and garlic paste

Chicken Escalope

chicken breast coated with bread crumbs, deep fried served with fries


Siyadien Rice

rice cooked with onion and spices with nuts

Saffron Rice

basmati rice cooked in saffron spices with nuts

Arnabeet Mikli

cauliflower seasoned in butter and deep fried

Batenjan Mikli

eggplant seasoned in butter and deep fried

Rustic Fries

rustic style french fries fried to perfection

Sauteed Vegetables

Baked Potato


Kounafah Cheese

semolina dough filled with cheese / ashta

Fried Kataef Ashta

cinnamon dusted kataef topped with walnuts & honey

Layali Lebnan

home-made custard with banana, nuts and honey


pistachio dough topped with ashta ice cream

Ice Cream with Ghazal

cotton candy with your choice of ice cream

Chocolate Fondant

melted chocolate cake with ice cream


maamoul cookies stuffed with pistachio served with natef

Ice Cream

flavors: mistika-chocolate-pstashio-almond-knefe-cheesecake-oreo-rasperry-vanilla-mango-lemon

Othmalieh Ashta

othmalieh doug stuffed with fresh cream


chocolate ice cream with fresh cream

Halawet El Jibn Roll

semolina, cheese, fresh cream, sugar syrup

Halwet El Jibn Roll with Ice Cream

semolia, cheese, mistika ice cream, honey


rice, sugar, cinnamon, flower water, coconut mixed nuts, karawya






Double Apple

Grape with Mint

Lemon with Mint


Sweet Melon







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Lebanese  Seafood  Restaurant

BAB EL BAHR, inspired by the coastal cuisine of Lebanon, strives to carry the culinary heritage of Lebanon’s Mediterranean seafood fare in a contemporary setting using the freshest ingredients and served market-style that allows diners to select their fish for our chefs to prepare.



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